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Aquacel ag


what is Aquacel Ag? Aquacel Ag is a foundation wound dressing made from sodium carboxymethylcellulose (NaCMC) containing 1.2% silver in an ionic form. The NaCMC is produced as a material fiber and is woven into a fleece like material held together through a needle bonding process. Aquacel Ag is available both as a `ribbon' for packing cavities and as a flat non-woven pad to be applied to larger open wounds. 

The Aquacel Ag dressing absorbs and interacts with wound exudate to form a soft, hydrophilic, gas-permeable gel that traps bacteria and conforms to the contours of the wound while providing a micro-environment that is believed to help facilitate in the healing process. 
How Does the Aquacel Ag work? While in the presence of sodium ions from wound exudate, the silver ions are released from the NaCMC to release a sustained antimicrobial effect against a wide range of organisms including methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), and vancomycin-resistant Enterococcus (VRE), and as a result, preventing colonization of the dressing , providing an antimicrobial barrier to protect the wound. 

When can I use Aquacel ag? Sheets of Aquacel Ag may be applied to exuding lesions including leg ulcers, superficial pressure ulcers, partial-thickness burns, and most other granulating wounds. When treating deeper cavity wounds and sinuses Aquacel Ag ribbon packing is generally preferred. The dressing is simple to remove without any pain or trauma, and leaves little residue on the surface of the wound. 

An Aquacel Ag dressing, should be slightly larger than the wound area, it should be placed in close contact with the wound and should be covered with a sterile secondary dressing that should preferably held in place with surgical tape or a bandage for added security. 

When treating deeper cavity wounds or sinuses with Aquacel Ag Ribbon, the ribbon should be placed gently in position but not packed in too tightly. It is also recommended that only about 80% of the cavity should be filled with the dressing to accommodate swelling, and that a short length of ribbon be left to overhang the wound area to assist at the time of removal. 
Due to the needling process used in its construction, the dressing has a significant wet strength, which means that it can be easily removed from the wound in one piece, to help facilitate the removal process it is recommended to irrigate with water or sterile saline.

How often do I need to change the Dressing? The need to change dressings will depend upon the severity of the wound and the nature of the secondary dressing. Aquacel Ag can be applied to heavy exuding wounds which may may need replacing daily, but as healing process progresses and the amount of exudate decreases, the changes may be extended to up to 14 days.

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