Wednesday, July 18, 2012

aloe vera

SUNBURN: TREATMENT AND PREVENTION ALOE VERA: SUNBURN RELIEF Summertime ,the word brings 2 thought s to mind,sunshine and beach time,all those hours soaking up those sun rays on a beautiful sandy beach can sometimes leave you with a sunburn. To this very day I have never come across anyone who enjoys a sunburn. Sunburns are painful and itchy and really unpleasant. Sometimes, even despite following all the rules and taking the proper precautions you can still end up with a sunburn. So how do you treat a sunburn? Mother nature has supplied us with a wonderful natural remedy called ALOE VERA . ALOE VERA provides relief to sunburns and skin irritations, you can use aloe in its natural form by squeezing its liquid right onto the affected area if you are unable to get aloe in its natural form there are a plethora of Aloe VERA products available such as banana boat after sun lotion or cooling gel. Remember it is also important to keep yourself properly hydrated and remember to re-hydrate your body especially after a sun burn or any sun exposure , so drink plenty of water . If you are in pain after a sunburn call your doctor he might advise you to take an anti inflammatory such as ADVIL . Remember before going out into the sun wear sunblock and use lip balm with SPF and always dress in proper sun gear

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Friday, July 13, 2012

Clinton's Family Practice Table #8870

Clinton's Family Practice Table #8870

Comfort, Quality , affordability, and Practicality

The Clinton Family Practice table #8870 is everything you can expect and dream of in a physicians table put together into one. the #8870 is super functional, comfortable and economically friendly.

The Clinton Family Practice table #8870 has dual side storage, 2 euro style drawers and a designated place for table paper storage. The Clinton #8870 offers a lower table height eliminating the need of a step stool, which makes it ideal as a family practice table because it can accommodate various heights.

The Clinton Family Practice table #8870 is not only multifunctional it is also stylish , custom made to order according to your personal taste with over 20 colors for you to mix n match.

The Clinton Family Practice table #8870 can hold up to 400lb and is 27 inches wide has 2 inches of padding for superior comfort , the Clinton #8870 also comes with an air spring adjustable backrest, a padded pullout leg rest on a quality steel track together with 2 coated adjustable stirrups. A pull out basin for added convenience is also available as an option.

Clinton's family Practice Table #8870 is just perfect, giving you practicality and affordability while not sacrificing style.

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stretching with a platform shared a link.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Exercising Using a Mat on a Platform shared a link.

Exercising with a mat Platform

Clinton Mat platforms come in a variety of colorful easy care vinyl
Clinton Mat Platforms
Bringing safety and stability home
Summertime seems to be the time we get in tune with our bodies, maybe its the sunshine that infuses us with its burst of energy or maybe its the colorful variety of summertime fruits and vegetables that look so inviting that beckons us to find our way back to a healthier lifestyle.
Coupled with Healthier eating habits, exercise is a large factor in reaching optimum health. Summertime is the season where its so easy to take a walk instead of the car or hopping a cab. Then there are the days in the summer where the rain doesn’t seem to stop or how about the harsh winters? we must not let our hard work fall aside. This is where a small but valuable investment called a mat platform comes to save the day ,it affords you the pleasure of a good work out in the comfort of your own home , not tying you down to gym schedules or costly memberships . Clinton’s large variety of mat platforms are great for step exercises for a great cardio workout of for some range of motion exercises, it also provides a stable and safe off the floor area for you to exercise on or with.
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